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An anime app that let's you keep track of all your watched anime and connect to multiple tracking websites and sync your watch history.

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New Update Available!

AnimeGlare v3.0.1 is now available, please update the app.


Sync to Trackers

Connect to your favorite trackers and sync your watched history seamlessly


Customize how the app looks and feels. Transform the app to your liking and enjoy watching anime.


AnimeGlare contains multiple scrapers and we give you the option to choose your favorite scraper.

Welcome to

Say hello to the future of Anime streaming. AnimeGlare has everything you ever wanted, from being able to customize the app to your liking, to watching anime using the highest possible quality, we can do it all.

iOS & Android

Watch anime from your favorite device.
(Coming soon for MacOS, Linux and Windows)

Terms of Service!

AnimeGlare only scrapes links from various websites and makes it easier for users to find animes to watch. AnimeGlare or any of it's staff/developer doesn't host any of the contents found inside AnimeGlare. Any and all images and anime information found on AnimeGlare are taken from it's apis (Simkl, MyAnimeList and AniList) and all of the anime links found on the app are taken from various 3rd party anime hosting websites. AnimeGlare or it's owner (BlackKnit) isn't liable for any misuse of any of the contents found inside or outside of the app and cannot be held accountable for the distribution of any of the contents found inside the app. By using AnimeGlare you accept that the developer of AnimeGlare is not responsible for any of the contents found on the app and the contents found on the app may or may not be from their legitimate sources.

Say hello to the future of Anime streaming.