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How to install?


Install Via APK File


There are multiple ways of installing the iOS version of AnimeGlare

How to convert .zip file to an .ipa file?

Self Signing - Needs Jailbroken Device

First, you are going to require some repo’s before being able to self sign.
Add the following repos within cydia, or any other package manager like sileo or zebra. Go to sources within your package manager and add the following 3 repositories;

After adding the repositories, simply search for appsync, reprovision and filza then click install. After installing, your device will require to be respringed. After you have resprung your device, simply download the IPA provided within #download-app and open the downloaded file into ReProvision and it should now self sign itself.

If for whatever reason you are given a ZIP file instead of an ipa file, simply remove the .zip extension from the file using any file manager(filza/anyone from the appstore works) and proceed as normal.
If any issues arise, the moderators will help you when they are free / any members of discord that know about jailbreaking.

Filza - Needs a Jailbroken device

First, you are going to require some repos before being able to self-sign.

Then follow the video instructions(You can skip ahead to avoid waiting for Downloading)

Replace with video

AltStore - Needs a Mac/Pc

Please note that if you are having issues with AltStore please refer to their FAQ here:
For those of you on windows be sure to install iTunes and iCloud from the apple website not the Microsoft store (scroll down to see other version and click on windows)

Sideloadly, A new Cydia Impactor Alternative

Install Sideloadly, but don’t run it yet, Plug in your phone and ensure it gets detected by your PC and THEN launch Sideloadly, otherwise you’ll end up getting a blank screen like this,
If your phone is detected, you should see this, good job.
Also: For those who aren’t Jailbroken, you will need to redo this every 7 days or use ReProvision sideloaded along with it.
Tips: If you want to keep track of what the app is doing, just click this button, and you’ll get a box that tracks it.
It should take no longer than a minute or two to sideload the IPA.

AppCake (iOS 13 And Below)

Settings → General → Profiles and Device Management.

Note: If AppCake gets revoked, then the App will not work.


Installing on iOS requires these applications (Depending on the method you are using)

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